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Hey, Note Passers! I Publish Embarrassing Correspondence Here!
I truly believe if you invest the time to teach writing authentically and well, then state tests will take care of themselves. Writing skills create strong, independent thinkers.

When I was my students' age, I was the self-proclaimed queen of the note-passers!

Sometimes I got caught, but mostly I got away with it. One of my teachers used to read all intercepted notes aloud to the class. The few times I had my notes read aloud are still some of the more embarrassing moments I remember from my school days.

When I catch you passing notes, I promise I won't read them aloud, but if your correspondence strikes me as particularly humorous, your note could very easily end up scanned and on this webpage. This is where I post notes that shouldn't have been passed in my class!

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What strikes me as a note that's funny enough to post here? Two criteria: 1) when my students write notes to each other that contain errors they knew how to fix because I taught them those rules, and 2) when the notes' content is so ridiculous that I can't believe my students have stopped listening to me and taken classtime to write them.

Am I cruel to do this? I don't think so. I'm hoping you'll choose to be more careful when you write compose your notes--with punctuation or with content? Before saying "Pssst" to your friend and pass, ask yourself, "Do I want her to post what I've written online if she sees me do this?"

I missed out on a lot of good learning in school by writing so many pointless notes. I want students to pay attention when they're supposed to, and I want them to write notes on their own time. Below are two of my more pointless "note exchanges" from my school days; my mother saved these for me.

Why Was Dirk Being so Cold to Dena?

What are you most embarrassed about for me after reading this note exchange?

Did Benji Really Like Dena?

What are you most embarrassed about for me after reading this note exchange?




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