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Our Writers' Notebooks: Powerful Pre-writing from my Students
I truly believe if you invest the time to teach writing authentically and well, then state tests will take care of themselves. Writing skills create strong, independent thinkers.

Welcome to my newest page here at my teaching website. Here, during the 2011-12 school year, as my students begin to build great pages in their notebooks, I will be photographing and posting select pages to serve as exemplars for my current and future students.

Hey students, I am looking for carefully crafted, decorated, colored and inspiring pages from your notebooks. If you think you've done an exceptional job on one of our whole-class notebook lessons or--better yet--on a page you created on your own, let me know. If I agree, I will photograph it and include it here for the rest of our class to be inspired by.




WritingFix is the best website ever. And not just because they have several of my lessons posted! This site covers every writing topic out there!

If you're not a member of the NNWP's Writing Lesson of the Month Ning, change that fact right now! Click here and create a profile to begin receiving the monthly lessons!

The NNWP's Going Deep with 6 Trait Language Guide is a great teaching resource. You can order your own copy by visiting the NNWP's Publications Page.

Creating Writers through 6-Trait Writing
by Vicki Spandel. A really great teaching resource!

The Hunger Games
by Suzanne Collins. My three classroom copies see no dust as they're passed from reader to reader.

My husband also keeps a webpage of his lessons and his professional development resources. Click here to visit his site.

Click here to see some of my past students who are "famous" because they were published at the WritingFix website.




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